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I’ve made ​​a best toys 2013 list in this site. This is the selection of toys that are included in the top toys for Christmas 2013. You can choose it as a gift and these toys will the best Christmas gifts 2013 for your children. Get the reviews and best prices on top toys 2013 and let we realize the special Christmas in this year.

Okay, please specify your choice of hot Christmas toys 2013 among the following:

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Top Toys 2013 List




Toys, toys, toys. This thing is a matter that always thought by the children. This is a reasonable problem, because childhood is a period of play. Children can learn about real life through toys. Toy cars, toy animals and toy baby doll are an example of a real-life that representation introduced in children.

Christmas in this year is a special opportunity for us to describe the gift of toys to children. Of course we want to provide the best toys for our children. That is why it is important to look for information on the best toys for 2013. So where the place that we can find the information ? One of the easiest media to search for information about popular toys for Christmas 2013 is over the internet.

Looking for info on the hottest toys for Christmas 2013 is not a difficult thing. Nowadays there are many online stores that provide many options on best Christmas toys 2013. Please select which best suits the needs of our children. We can use age as a reference in selecting best toys for Christmas 2013 that is in the market. 2013 best toys are grouped into age categories so that we will be more easily choose it.

I remember when my second child came into the shop to looking for Christmas 2013 toys that will be given for our nieces and nephews. There are many 2013 best toys on offer makes us confused to choose. Of course we have to choose the best among all the toys there. The toy should have educational benefits that improve the intelligence of children.

Air Hogs RC Helix X4 Stunt, more than just a helicopter

One of my dreams as a child is able to fly. If I watch the movie Superman on television, when I grow up I hope I can fly like a superhero. Toy plane that can fly is also one of my favorite. But at that time, a plane or a helicopter that can fly with the remote control has not been created. Not like today, we can find it in any toy store. At the time I was little, I made ​​my own plane of paper, then toss it into the air and fly aerodynamically.

Currently toy that can fly more varied and sophisticated. During this time we may frequently see models with a remote control helicopter. But now it has emerged another type that is no less intense. This toy called Air Hogs Helix RC Stunt X4. This futuristic aircraft toy shaped with a large propeller on all four sides. What is the excess of Air Hogs compared to other RC toys? Well, the maneuverability. This toy can maneuver very amazing. With a button could pass up this toy and Back Flips Barrel Rolls.

This one of the top toys 2013 made ​​of strong and durable material, so it will not be easily damaged when it hit the wall. Your child can play outside the house or inside the house. This is one of the top toys for Christmas 2013 that deserve given to your child.

Cars Movie character who never boring to watch

best toys 2013Lightening McQueen’s appearance reminds me of a naughty expression when he told “Kacho..!!!” I’ve seen the film several times both the first series and second. I watched it with my son who is now 6 years old. We never get tired of watching it.  Although it has been memorized by the story, watch the movie ” cars ” never boring for us.

Every character in the film has a special impression. This innocent character owned by Mater has a special attraction. I like this dirty tow truck with big toothed. This car was talking and appear as it is. He was always cheerful and optimistic despite being in limited circumstances. As tow truck, Mater is also very good at walking backwards. I get worried if he’s going to hit a tree or another car when it showed his ability to walk backwards. Mater character represents the attitude of honest and true friendship. He is a plain car without intrigue and without the slightest evil thought.

Talk about a car toys is endless. It is always exciting and fun. Therefore, the characters in the Cars movie become one of the best toys 2013 that is in demand. These toys belong to Disney Infinity that you can play the WII and video games.

Triple Track Twister Track Set, Hot Wheels toy you will be more perfect

top toys 2013Please show me, where boys who do not like the toy cars from hot wheels ? I’m sure all the boys will love this toy. Hot Wheels created a miniature car with a smaller scale so that we can handheld and play. Hot Wheels look like seeing a real car, but in a smaller form. The details on this toy car made ​​it very clear and neat. The materials used are also strong. These toy cars made of die-cast so that it becomes more powerful and durable.

This time Hot Wheels issued a supplementary toy car called Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Track Set. It is a circuit where your hot wheels toy cars will go fast and cool. The track is curved and twisted so give the impression of a very unique and dynamic. I’m sure the kids will not get bored playing with this circuit.

Hot Wheels Track Set Triple Track Twister is one of the top toys 2013 that favored by boys. If they are fans of the toy cars hot wheel, they would be very happy if get this toy as a gift. And when they play it, I am sure, not just the kids who love, the father will also enjoy this toy.

Kids dream about Little Pony that can fly

Hasbro created a My Little Pony since 1983. Once produced and circulated in the market, this toy is getting a very good response from girls. Girls would have liked a little pony with pretty eyes and wings. It is a form of imagination children about their favorite pets.

Every girl would like a pet. This is the reason many toys use pet as a theme. My Little Pony is present as a unique pet. There are some compelling feature set on this toy so that adds to the excitement of children. If you are wearing a tiara on her head, My Little Pony will encourage your child to talk and sing.

Your daughter would be very happy if you give this one of the best toys 2013 as a gift. This toy is so popular that most likely already know by your child before. They could have seen this toy has been promoted in some television stations as one of the best toys this year. You can get these toys by online at

Furby, repeated success in this year

Last year, Furby dolls have won the hearts of children. There are many parents who buy this toy as a Christmas gift. At this year’s this doll has managed to repeat the same success. This toy has become one of the top toys 2013, which had played a Christmas mood this year. If you see the list of the best-selling toys, the doll Furby will be included.

I immediately love with this doll when looking at its small and cute. Wavy blue feathers combined with a fresh look and big ears. Clear bright eyes will evoke the joy of children who play with him. There are some apps that you can play. You can feed health checkups, bathe, and others.

If the toy is successfully reaching this milestone, then it is a proof that Furby is a quality toy. You can give this toy as a Christmas gift for your children aged 6 years and older. This toy is not only for girls. Boy should also have it if he wants.

What can Zoomer do for your child?

What can be done by Zoomer so it became one of the top toys 2013? This toy robot dog actually has the ability similar to a real dog. He could bark, talk, and whirling like a real puppy. Here it is the right dog for your children who are five years old. Your child will come to know about the real dog life with Zommer. Zoomer is certainly safer. He does not have fleas, do not bite and do not need to be bathed.

Zoomer is a cute puppy. He will be a special friend to your child. He will accompany your child to play. He will entertain your child when sad. He will teach your child about compassion. He will teach your kids about animal life. You do not need to worry because these toys are safe. Your child does not need to give a meal. When he getting hungry, just recharge the batteries than Zoomer will fresh again.

This robot dog is one of the top toys for Christmas 2013, which is highly recommended for you. Do not forget to record this toy on your shopping list if your children are a dog lover. Your son would be very happy with this robot puppy. He will run this day with fun and get a very special Christmas day.

Boom Boom Balloon – a fun new balloon game

Who does not know the balloon? Everyone must know what it is balloon. Children and adult people must have been holding a balloon. Balloon is a sphere of blown rubber. Balloon shape is almost like a ball, but more elliptical. It is a form of balloons in general.

In addition to the balloon shape as I mentioned above, there are a variety of other forms of balloons. There is a hand-shaped balloon. There is a heart-shaped balloon. There is a star-shaped balloon. There elongated balloon shape, and of a form that we could turn it into a character animals such as snakes, horses, crocodiles, and others. That means that the balloon is a very common thing. This thing we often encounter. It is everywhere, but we never tired of looking. Seeing balloon is seeing cheerfulness. Seeing balloon is seeing a party.

One of the best toys 2013 that was very popular is Boom Boom Balloons. This toy is very liked by children and even adults. What could we do to set it up as a decoration balloon apart? Sure there are. The new game is called Boom Boom balloon Balloon. Technically, this toy is intended for children aged 8 13 years. The game is done in groups. Every person must roll the die and watch out, because all of a sudden it will BOOOMMM!!! And surprise you. It’s a very fun game.

If only there were more funny-faced balloons

Boom boom balloon is a toy for children aged 8 13 years. But in fact, almost all people with different ages love this toy. Try it if you do not believe. I just read a customer review about this toy on Apparently, not only the kids who love to, but the whole family loved it and just play well together.

Balloon game that became one of the top toys for Christmas 2013 is very entertaining. What I admire is the creator of this toy. He’s definitely a very creative and had a good sense of humor. Because of the balloons seemingly simple, can be created a very fun game.

This toy can be done in groups. All members of your family can be involved in this game. Boom boom balloon is a game that is not boring. After the first was popping balloons we’re made curious. He wanted to re-start the next game to break the balloon again. But unfortunately, there are only 12 pieces of balloons with funny face picture. These balloons can be wiped out if we continue to burst. Actually, we could use another balloon. But look at the balloon with a funny expression was more fun.

Slovenly dog favored by many children

WHUAAA…!!! Try to see this dog puppet. What did you think when you watch? I saw a puppy that dirty because dirt covered his mouth. The dog’s nose is also runny. Wow, really disgusting. I do not want to go near a dog like. Luckily it’s just a toy and not a real dog. Although dirty, the puppy looks funny and enjoyable. Body fat brown, purple ears and bulging eyes wide…. HGR, HGR… I could feel the dog’s growling voice.

Perhaps because of its unique, there are a lot of kids who love to play with this puppy. This dog is also one of the top toys 2013. Wow, great does not it? Children may like the style of this puppy looks weird though. Visually, it was presented with a nice doll. I believe that having an idea about the coloring on this toy is an artist.

So how, do you agree if this toy was included in best Christmas gifts 2013? Is this dog toy can win the hearts of children at Christmas this year? Well, let’s see, how strong this dog toy can compete with other toys to capture the hearts of children at the end of the year.